We are a leading company in Egypt. We have raw and crush materials dolomite stone.     

          The company manufactures all dolomite kind stones since 2000.


          Tecno gravel is a recognized leader in the development of technological means of reducing environmental impacts and improving mine

          workers' health and safety.


          Tecno Gravel Egypt has grown dramatically through expansion & acquisition into one of the largest materials

          suppliers in Egypt.


          The diversity of the Tecno Gravel Egypt means one company will be with you from start to finish, making sure your

           job is done right, on time, and within the specifications you demand. There is no easy road to excellence.

          True excellence in any field evolves only from years of hard work, a dedication to quality, and an uncompromising

          commitment to be the best. The Tecno Gravel Egypt group has built its business, and its reputation on three small

          but powerful ideas: Service, Quality, & Commitment.


          At Tecno Gravel Egypt, we produce high grade crushed stone from dolomite for a myriad of applications. From

          national and international roads to shore protection, ready mixed concrete, power plants, buildings, malls, hotels,

          industries, etc...


          Tecno Gravel Egypt has been involved with these kinds of projects and more. Our quality control and overwhelming

          commitment to customer service set Tecno Gavel apart from the rest.


          Since 2000, Tecno Gravel Egypt has been an important, responsible and biggest member of the community.

          We're highly respected for our reclamation activities. Two dolomite quarries, ATTAKA mountain area, SUEZ,

          are stunning examples of how depleted quarries can be turned into beautiful properties.

          Tecno has 130 employees, works 2 shifts per day, every shift 10 hours, closed in fiesta days only, his maintenance

          is for four hours daily.


          At Tecno Gravel Egypt, there's a commitment to excellence in everything we do.


          Tecno Gravel Egypt is one of the leading quarry operators in Suez, Egypt .Currently, it has two (2) integrated quarry

          and two crushing plant operation strategically located in ATTAKA Mountain, SUEZ area.


          The bountiful rock reserves ensure adequate rock supply for our operation. The 2 crushers’ plants on the quarry site

          have 6 production lines.


          Our quarry products are: crushed dolomite powder , size0(2mm-5mm), size1(5mm-12mm), size2(12mm-22mm),


          The products are sold to external clients and also used for in-house projects, production of  ready mixed concrete.


          Current operations are worked continuously throughout the year with an annual sales output of between 750,000

          and 1,000,000 tons of material.